aka.ms/remoteconnect Minecraft Microsoft Nintendo Sign in

aka.ms/remoteconnect Minecraft Microsoft Nintendo Sign in to Playstation (PS4). Get aka.ms/remoteconnect details here. It is a website that allows you to connect to multiple other devices with the help of your Microsoft account. Enables you to play the game smoothly on Nintendo Switch, PS4. It allows the crossplay on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One / Series X / Series S consoles.

Without verifying the code , it appears https //aka.ms/remoteconnect error we are unable to play game on Nintendo Switch or PS4. Especially if you are attempting to use the crossplay feature, which allows you to play online with other users. You need a different platform or console to play game.

What is https //aka.ms/remoteconnect Error ?

aka.ms/remoteconnect Xbox error is combined with the game. This clashes mostly when you play on a Playstation or Nintendo Switch console like PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, or Nintendo switch lite. This error occurs because the it is a cross-platform requires an Xbox live account. This can be accessed for free using any standard Microsoft account.

The electronic device should be able to access the Microsoft account. So that it shows an error message like “Signing in to a Microsoft Account will permanently associate with current account for “Playstation Network” (or Nintendo Switch, Xbox). If you are already using an existing Microsoft Account to access on another gadget, you may use that account. You can only do this once per account on “PlayStation Network”, so please choose your Microsoft Account carefully.

aka.ms/remoteconnect Minecraft Microsoft sign in

  • Visit https// aka.ms/remoteconnect on your browser.
  • Enter the code that is displayed on device or app.

There are so many possibilities to fix the error that occurred. For this, you need to have a Microsoft account. If you already having please log in with the credentials. If you don’t have it create an account.

  • Go to http://account.microsoft.com.
  • If you are having the account, then click on the sigin button.
  • Click on “create a microsoft account” on the page.
  • New page will open showing asking to write email address if you already have or else create it.
  • You can use phone number instead of E-mail.
  • Tap on the blue coloured “Next” button.
  • Infix the code displayed on app (This will allow the app to access Microsoft account. Do this if you trust it).
  • Now click on the Next button that you see on the screen.


aka.ms/remoteconnect Microsoft sign in on X box

You are facing any problem with game crossplay while the console is connected to your Microsoft account with Xbox live. If you purchased a new Xbox and do not have an account then create during the initial console setting up or else can create by following the above procedure. After this now we will discuss the Xbox on your account by following steps.

  • Open Microsoft store on your console and search for “Minecraft”.
  • Download the game(if you don’t have please buy it).
  • Click on the sign inbutton on the bottom left.
  • Select it and press A.
  • Now the game will open with the Xbox profile.
  • Start playing the game with so many included features are linked.

aka.ms/remoteconnect Minecraft Microsoft sign in

Once you decided to open and play the game, you will find a friend’s window. You can search for friends and create your own platform to play by using Gamertag. You need to enable multiplayer during the creation process. If you have any problem with other consoles while playing you can solve it by below steps.

  • On your contoller you are able to see the Xbox button, please tap that.
  • Select account and move to the Account Privacy and Online safety option.
  • After that go to Xbox Live Privacy.
  • Choose “Custom followed by view details and Customize” option.
  • Now confirm that communication outside Xbox live is enabled, then open the communication and multiplayer.

aka.ms/remoteconnect Minecraft Nintendo switch

Initially from the PS store search for Minecraft and buy and download it. Then create a Microsoft account and activate it. After that when you go to “create new world”, confirm that the multiplayer option is enabled for your friends or cross-platform. You can add your friends by searching them on Gamertag and invite them to play along with you. This is similar to Xbox crossplay.

  • On the PS store search for Minecraft. Buy and download the game.
  • Open the game and select the Sign in with a Microsoft account option.
  • Insert the code, on a pop up window.
  • Open the browser on second mechanism and again type the URL.
  • Input encript perfectly in the given field and proceed(Do it fast otherwise the key will expire).
  • It will instantly log on PS4/PS5/Nintendo Switch.
  • Wait for a moment until you retrive the information.
  • After that start playing the game along with friends by inviting them from Gamertag.

Microsoft is secure and safe to use on your instrument. The web page is hosted on the Microsoft website and it is a service offered by Microsoft to enable crossplay.

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