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GmGlobalconnect is an official employee portal developed for General Motors employees. General Motors financial company Inc, provides global auto financial services in United States, Latin America, Canada, Europe. This is an innovative way to know about the opportunities provided by the company.

GM builds a strong relationship between workers, dealers, wholesalers, and the Human Resource department. They can view their payslip statements, work schedules, office documents, and leave management. Dealers can also sign in to the portal to track their upcoming orders. Here, I am going to provide extremely useful and valuable information on the sign in to the portal to track.

How to Login?

An active employee and dealer both can access the multiple sources available to them. Below is the detailed guide to sign in.

  • Visit on your preferred web browser
  • On the screen you will able to see the blank spaces.
  • Enter your employee or dealer valid username and password in the given field.
GmGlobalconnect is an official employee portal developed for General Motors employees.
  • Click on the blue coloured Login button.
  • With few clicks in the menu, both are re-directed to the respective pages.


Reset Forgotten Password

If you had to reset or change a forgotten password, do not worry! below is the step-by-step procedure to use the self-service reset feature.

  • Visit the on your Mozilla fire fox browser.
  • On the home page, click on the “forgot password”.
  • Enter your username on the text box mentioned.
  • Then click on the “continue”. Now you are going to receive a link to your registered email address.
  • Answer the security questions that you choose at the time of registering your account.
  • Tap the link and enter password and keep remembered(Dealer users are unable to use this feature, they need to approach Dealership Administrator).
  • Now Enter the dealer valid username & password in the provided fields.

GMID Activation for New user

GM users can easily activate the account with their identification number and by the “identify yourself” option. Let us have a glance at the following steps.

  • Go to on your Safari browser.
  • Choose your preffered language(This application is available in 6 languages)on the top of the application.
  • Please type your GMIN which is obtained from your Supervisor.
  • On the consicutive coloumns enter your first name and last name to identify yourself.
  • Now tap on the next to start the verification.
  • Complete your two-step verification to make safer your account.
  • Generate your password/passphrase (It should be in the combination of uppercase and lowercase alphabets, numericals, and special characters).
  • Finally confirm your changes that you made, so that changes are protected.

Prerequisites to access the account

  • Any electronic device can be used, Personal computer, smart phone, laptop, or tablet with compatable iOS.
  • Basic knowledge on the English language preffered.
  • Must remember your credentials which you are going to use.
  • You need to keep your personal informationaside like Name, mobile number, and Email Id.
  • While navigating to the site, your internet speed should not interrupt you.

Benefits of Using GmGlobalconnect ?

It is an official employee portal developed for General Motors employees. After entering they can check their personal and work-related resources details. Let’s have a brief explanation of the benefits.

  • Work Schedules:They can view their daily work schedules assigned. the schedules can be shuffeld based on the request and plan their vacations accordingly.
  • Company’s Sales & Service Details: Those who are associated with the enterprise will be able to check the sales report of the vehicles and spare parts of the vehicles. Tranparency of the information is available and there is no need to cross check with the superiors.
  • Paystub & W-2: Payslips are generated automatically, When ever they require they can download them immediately. In the W-2 form they can check annual and the federal tax information.
  • Work From Home: Eligible associates have the freedom to do their work from home.
  • Easy Communication: Staff can now easily communicate with the co-workers and the management. They are having the option to contact technical department straightway and discuss regarding any issues with the schedules.
  • Retirees Benefits: After the age of 65 when they are retired they can claim the health and retiree benefits from the organization.
  • Discounts: By puchasing new vehicle or the spare parts you and your family persons can enjoy the discounts offered by the firm.

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