Gogpayslip: Check Your E-payslip at www.gopayslip.com

Gogpayslip: Check Your E-payslip at www.gopayslip.com website over the internet. This intelligent platform is designed by Controller & Accountant General’s Departments to access or check E-payslip online . The public sector employees can find the particulars of their necessary wages with this system.

An electronic paystub management system includes a wide range of features compared with the hard copies that staff get in older days. Daily pay, extra work hours amount, and additional bonus can be seen. You can download it from a Smartphone device also.

Gogslip, a simple document providing details on your wages and deduction during or after completion of your employement at the organisation
Gogslip, a simple document providing details on your wages and deduction during or after completion of your employement at the organisation

The important feature will assure you guaranteed security, previous payslips can be viewed and match with the present. It is simple, faster, and improved accessibility to acknowledge the payment information. To get efficient services, I am going to provide you a concise manner to know the in-depth guidance.

How To Check Your E-payslip at www.gopayslip.com

Are you an active worker at GOG and want to view and check your salary representations. Let us discuss this in the following points.

  • Make sure that you had strong internet connectivity.
  • Open your web or mobile browser.
  • Visit www.gogpayslip.com.
  • On your screen you are able to look the CAGD sign in page.
  • Enter your Employee number in the Empty box.
  • Write your passkey in the space mentioned.
  • Type the formula on the space (this helps you to save the files from hackers).
  • Tap the sign In button.
  • If you don’t have the account then generate it by clicking on the “register E-payslip”.


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Reset Password

If you forgot the PIN, we can reset it by using an email address used at registration. The steps to be followed.

  • Open your web or mobile browser.
  • Visit www.gogpayslip.com.
  • click on the “forgot my password” option, which is located right side of Sign-in(in red colour).
  • In blank space mention Identification no.
  • Penatrate testimonials and should be matched with enrollment.
  • Now click on the blue coloured Submit.


If you are visiting for the first time to get salary slips electronically, you need to authenticate your workman details. Please follow the step-by-step process.

  • Visit www.gogpayslip.com
  • Insert Company numb on the specified space.
  • Now validate that by typing second.
  • Create your passcode(It could be combination of upper & lower case alphabets, numericals, and special characters).
  • Re-enter your secret word to confirm it in the given field.
  • Registered code shall be entered(one-time codification that allows you to register to use this service). Please contact executives for encrypting initially.
  • Infix mobile no and choose the country from where you are related from the drop-down list.
  • Once again confirm it and country by tying in the unfilled area.
  • Compose the key shown on the respective input column. By taping on the Try new code to get fresh alpha numerical.
  • Finally press on the “Register” to agree the terms and conditions elctronically. If you are not ready to take the declaration then you can cancel the registry.


  • Require an digital medium like laptop, tablet or PC.
  • Latest versions of iOS is installed.
  • Must to have the valid credentials
  • Good internet facility with reliable speed, so that navigation to this application will not disturbed.


Do I have any obligation to install any software to watch my statements?

No, you can take a soft copy on a computer or pen drive, It will be possible in PDF format.

Describe E-payslip?

It is an income statement that is vacant for a team to inspect online.

How long may I see my salary slip?

You can recognize the current and previous month’s recordings.

Are these records secured?

Yes, those are extremely confidential. If you use this in civil areas don’t worry after six minutes it automatically logged off.

My data will be “backed up” in serious technical problems?

Yes, your file will be safer and backing systematically.