I do not have a survey Entry ID on my receipt

Hey..!! Unable to take the survey ? Huh..!! You are here because you do not have a survey entry-id printed on your receipt. If you do have receipt, you can directly participate in the KrogerFeedback survey by entering the ID on the official website. But in case you don’t have Entry ID on your receipt, Please fill the following information.

Please enter a 10-digit phone number.


How To Find Information from the receipt ?

  • Store Phone number : Located in the top middle of the purchase receipt.
  • Date : Located at the bottom middle of the receipt.
  • Time : Located below the date on the receipt as shown in below picture.
Kroger receipt

After entering the information from the receipt as shown on the picture, you can directly participate in the Krogerfeedback survey and complete the survey in 5-10 minutes. Before that we suggest you check complete list of questions asked in the survey from here.


I do not have a survey entry ID on my receipt ?

Please read the above instructions carefully.

Can I still participate in the survey if I don’t have the survey entry ID on my receipt?

YES..!! You can enter : Store Phone Number, Date and Time to participate in the Kroger feedback survey.

I lost my receipt containing the entry ID ? How to proceed ?

Contact the same stores, mention the details and request for the duplicate receipt.

Where is my Entry ID printed on my receipt ?

Entry ID is printed on the bottom of the receipt below time and date as shown in above picture.

I am facing error “Please enter your Entry ID exactly as it appears on your receipt?”

If you face this error, please enter the valid entry-id, make sure you double check after entering the ID properly.

Why is the survey entry ID not printed on my receipt?

The absence of the survey entry ID on your receipt could be due to various reasons, such as a technical issue, a temporary change in the survey process, or an oversight during the printing of the receipt.

How to complain to support regarding missing of my survey Entry ID ?

You can directly reach the nearby Kroger stores to report , if not mail to KrogerPrivacyOffice@kroger.com.

Can I request a duplicate receipt containing the Entry ID?

Yes..!! You can re-visit the stores & explain the missing details to avail the duplicate receipt.

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