Kroger W2 form – Get Online Access to the Tax Forms

Kroger W2 is the tax-document available online in Tax Forms, the employer must send it to the employee at the end of the every year. The W2 form document is used to reporting the employee’s annual wages and taxes from their paycheck. You can access tax form from the MyTaxForm site. There are 2 types of forms, one is electronic and the other is paper.

As said the W2 form, online availability to all the employees on or before January 31. This is the deadline to give taxpayers, so that the employees can prepare over 2 months their returns before april 15 income tax due date.

Kroger W2 form - Online Access to the Tax Forms
Kroger W2 Online Access to the Tax Forms website

It includes employer, employee, wage and salary information and other information. The information is used by the employee, after completing their individual returns.

You need to enter your Employee ID along 4-digit PIN to login. You have 4-digit pin at the social security number (SSN).


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How to Get Kroger W2 :

Only registered user can get the employee form also the paperless option before the deadline and did not get mail which you have given while registering. Then you need to follow below mentioned instructions:

  • First you need to contact Branch manager near by location.
  • Then contact with the company office number 1-513-762-4000
  • Now contact with the HR.
  • Get Kroger W2 2021
  • Now check your annual wages, taxes etc.

How to Download Kroger W2

We shall explain you process:

  • Visit Equifax My-Tax-form Website from here
  • Login to My-Tax-form Management.
  • Search and Download to get W2 Form.
  • Click Download or View Form.

What Can I Do with Kroger W2 ?

  • Report income tax according to the employees receive pay.
  • Authorized employees can get a regular wages and employee benefits.
  • The employer can withholds some money from the employees paycheck
  • It has a significant degree of control over the employees.


Here is the way that people both understand and want to know more about , can view their additional benefits in their feed portal. Kroger is an American retail company and also the second-largest general retailer who sells daily products, grocery items and bakery cookies. So you have got perfect idea on w-2 form.


  • What is W2 Form ?

Form W-2 is an Internal Revenue Service tax form used to report wages paid to employees and the taxes cutoffs from previous year in the United States .

  • Can I file my taxes without W2?

Yes, you can still file taxes without a W-2 . You only need form W-2 if you are a working employee, you need to file a tax return.

  • How can I get my W2 if I no longer work there Kroger ?

If you are former employee, contact your former employer to get your old W2 forms.

  • What are details appears on a W-2 form?

Form W-2  has the complete information an employee’s gross wages and withheld taxes. It also consists of deferred compensation, dependent care benefits, contributions to a health savings account, and tip income.

  • How much tax percentage does company withheld ?

Latest 12 months effective tax rate is 23.2%. Here is the Source.

  • What day do they pay their employees ?

The store does biweekly pay. Mostly employees get paid on Thursday morning at 12:00am .

  • How Often Employee can expect raises from the company ?

For Every 6 months, you can expect raise in your weekly wage.

  • How do I check my Kroger pay stub ?

Go to and see your payslips