Kroger wireless

Kroger wireless

Kroger wireless is exchanging communication without wires. Persons from anywhere can speak unlimitedly, bill payments regarding the purchase will become easier. “i-wireless” added technology by Kroger, used for domestic telecommunication. Hub-spot device helps you to shop at a shorter distance by endless internet services. It helps customers to utilize their mobile virtual services, they can shop nearby store and earn the reward points.

Kroger wireless rewards

Kroger wireless allows customers by using their shopper’s loyalty to win the rewards on their selected plans. One can earn the reward points at in-store shopping.  Activating the sprint device on your phone unlimited talk time and sending an “n” number of SMS. Customers may earn free minutes activating the “i-wireless” network while shopping at Krogers family store. Redeem of rewards will be easily notified with a text message. Members subscribers of a monthly rate plan can earn 20 free minutes of airtime is added by spending every $1oo in-store. We can buy the free “Air-time” using Kroger wireless prepaid phone cards. It helps customers to send free SMS, photo sharing, free browsing.

Kroger wireless allows us to earn fuel points with the help of gift cards. Two times more reward points are gained using the wireless cards with pre-paid phones. They can save four times Kroger fuel points on gift cards. The fuel points are carried month to month. You’ll be able to a large number of free cell phone credits with your fuel points. These points can be redeemed at any fuel filling stations within the country.

Kroger SIM kit is used to check the abilities on phone. Bring your own phone (BYOP) service is activated on a device with a SIM kit on your android phone. Sometimes a customer may lose his mobile with the help of a SIM kit we can find out the device. To active this facility Kroger helps to shop the budget phones and use their services.

Kroger coverage map will explain their stores located nearby area. With the help of GPS and navigation tracker easily identified and calculate the distance. Can visualize the stores in your surroundings and should be able to know which network Kroger uses.

Contact us

Kroger Customer care is available to resolve the issues. Using “i-wireless” customers can directly call them while shopping.

You can call: 1-866-434-7796

By using Krogers wireless services existing customers can dial extension: 611 and speak with store executives.

Krogers working hours:

Mon – Fri, 7 am – Midnight, EST

Sat-Sun, 7am – 9:30pm, EST


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