LiteBlue USPS Login Portal at

LiteBlue USPS Login Portal at can be discussed here. “LiteBlue USPS” is developed by United States Postal Service that acts as a interpersonal social mechanism to access web services like career development, earnings statement, thrift savings plan, salary statements, work records and more details given about it.

Basically, using LiteBlue USPS, a newly joined employee can edit their bio-demographic information like monthly payslips, track their work-related emails, unscheduled leaves, notifications from the company, and many more. Here the you need to read the complete information about LiteBlue USPS carefully.

LiteBlue USPS

This Portal is designed for working associates and employees by providing their personal details to facilitate career development process. So that System will will verify all your details and check the eligibility.

This LiteBlue also provides you employees of United States Postal Service to access the application and services to their staff to manage the work records and salary statements. By using this drop-and-collect data collection technique online, paperless work is been encouraged.

How To Login at LiteBlue USPS portal

If you’re a newly joined employee of USPS and facing trouble with LiteBlue USPS login, we are here to help you regarding the Login procedure. So please follow the simple Login steps.

LiteBlue USPS Login Portal at
LiteBlue USPS Login Portal at
  • To Login at LiteBlue USPS, Go to official website : login.
  • Select your language.
  • To Log on to LiteBlue USPS login portal, Enter employee id & self service password.
  • Now click on “LOG ON” button.
  • You’re successfully logged in.


Register at LiteBlue USPS Website

If you wanna signup or register at LiteBlue USPS Website. If you want to enjoy the shared services using LiteBlue USPS login portal, then you need to register to Log on to LiteBlue USPS login portal. Following it and submit the details in the registration form.

  • Visit
  • After login portal is loaded, you can select the preferable language based on your choice.
  • Select your language and you see the registration form.
  • Submit the details in the registration form displayed on the screen.
  • Return to the main Login portal.
  • To Log on to LiteBlue USPS login portal, Enter employee id & self service password.

Reset your Forgotten USPS Password

If you’re unable to access your LiteBlue USPS login portal, We suggest you reset your forgotten USPS password. USPS Password can be reset by following the points below.

  • Visit
  • Click on “Password recovery” link below the sign in button
  • Clicking on the link redirects to the self-services profile(SSP) page, where you can manage to set your PIN.
  • Now tap on the blue coloured “Enter SSP” button.
  • And you are able to complete the EIN verification to change your password.
  • Enter your Employee ID (UID) & self service password (ensure that password is correct).
  • You’ll receive a activation link to reset your forgotten USPS password
  • Please enter the password in the input box (Password is case-sensitive must be more than 8 characters and lowercase letters, uppercase letters, numbers, and special characters are included, unique and strong).


  • You must be associate with to create Employee ID(UID).
  • Modern Browsers like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari etc.
  • Active internet connection without interruption.
  • Should have the compatible electronic device like PC, laptop, and smart phone.

LiteBlue USPS Login Benefits

As the new employee who had joined the United States Postal Service has additional LiteBlue USPS Login benefits for employees. This LiteBlue USPS login portal try to stimulate the social networking capabilities that leads to superior firm performance by the HR Department or General Coordinator. Please Contact the HR Department.

  • Mail tracking: You are able to track the mail orders and see other process. If any error occurred in mail tracking, you are able to know to packages and shipments real time information should be informed. Real Time Tracking of Packages and Shipment deliveries are visible.
  • Easy Work Management: By utilising the services of Easy Work Management, your assigned work will become easier and complete the given assignments in-time. If you didn’t find any documents, manually then you can find the documents.
  • Enhanced Security of Packages: There is the Package Security Enhancements system to enter an Identification Number and password. There is a chance data leak in public, if data is not secured. They have taken enough safety measures to secure the packages with Package Security Enhancements system
  • Unscheduled leaves: If you are sick or need any emergency leave, then you can apply for this Unscheduled leave . You can apply un-scheduled leave at itself there is no need to approach your superior to submit the leave form. The leave form will be auto approved by checking out the emergency of the situation for the leave .
  • Submitting the leaves: You can receive a overlay to write and submit the leave form. This application will be checked and approved by the manager. Can check your performance and leave chart to confirm whether you’re eligible for leave or not.
  • Upcoming Notifications: Employees can know the Upcoming Notifications on the running project and if there are any changes in work shifts, policies, routine, or schedule changes, immediate notification will be sent. Every notification during the project that are undergoing work administration will send you the Notification alert.
  • Personal Information: Employee personal information can be edited and viewed by themselves and former work-force details are also can be accessed. If registering is mandatory, they can edit their personal information.
  • Deduction Amount: Have you taken any loan and unable to remember the deduction amount, you can easily find out the amount paid for the loans or dues in the deduction amount history. Annual income tax and federal taxation statistics are also available.


This article focuses mainly on the employees who are unaware of LiteBlue USPS login portal. To enlighten them with business process management tools, our guide helps the LiteBlue USPS login portal. As you can easily read the complete information about LiteBlue USPS carefully.