Oursainsburys Employee Portal @ Mysainsburys.co.uk

Oursainsburys Employee Portal @ Mysainsburys.co.uk can be discussed here. Oursainsburys is an online portal designed for the workers of Sainsbury to know the management services. Contains all the work-related information of the employees viz the operating hours, overnight shifts, perks gained, and the wages they received. Here we will discuss all information about the Oursainsburys employee portal, Oursainsburys login and registration for the newly joined employees.

However, to access the Oursainsburys employee portal one must have a Microsoft account, the managers could respectively register them. After the manager helps to sign up, the associates can start logging in to the Oursainsburys portal without any problem. If you are familiar with this, don’t worry… I am going to explain the process below.

How to Login to Oursainsburys Employee Portal?

Basically, With this service tool, If you don’t have an account in this company then contact the HR administrator to guide you to create a new account at Oursainsburys portal. You can also get login accessibility on yourself by following the underneath procedure at Oursainsburys login.

  • Visit the official website of Oursainsburys login at Oursainsburys.co.uk.
  • Keep aside the National insurance number.
  • Remember username, which will consist the real name and their last four digits of the ID numb.
  • Now enter your password similar in the National Insurance num, initial letter should be capital.
  • And able to see those as soon as the pop-up window raises.
  • If you are first time utilizing these aids, please change the PIN no for protection purpose.
Oursainsburys employee portal
  • Once you are done entering your details, click on the log in button. The system may take some duration to refine the reports.


Oursainsburys Registration Process:

Oursainsburys doent provide registration process for general public. Because of the security reasons Oursainburys portal provides the employees to register by either their HR department or their manager.

Visit the official website of Oursainsburys login at Oursainsburys.co.uk.


  • Updated iOS software for better functionality with good internet-enabled connectivity.
  • Need Electronic devices like PC, laptop or mobile.
  • Bear in mind the credentials that you have to insert.


After joining the Organization they can check their personal and work-related resources. Let’s have a brief explanation of the benefits.

  • Flexible working: They are having the right to manage their strive and household chores, which may be very helpful to do the plans accordingly.
  • Paystubs: Viewing the last month salary statements and if required printed copy can be taken at any interval.
  • Personalized records: Editing individual data and also add the particulars when ever they needed.
  • Easy Communication: Staff can now easily communicate with the co-workers and the executives. They are having the option to reach-out technical department straightway and discuss regarding any issues with the schedules.
  • Mail tracking: Check the e-mail orders and see other happenings. If any error occured you are able to know to whom should be informed. Real time updates and deliveries are visible.
  • Work Administration: By utilising the automated facilities your acction will become easier and complete the given assignments in-time. Missing any documents manually then control them here.
  • Unscheduled leaves: If you are sick or any emergency, apply leave on this website. There’s no obligation to approach your superior to submit the leave form. The system will review the eligibility and send a alert.
  • Annual bonuses: Yearly there will be additional amount paid and can enjoy the various bonus schemes.
  • Discount cards: After completing six months of employment, industry offers him the colleague consession card. This will make the person enable to shop from any nearby store and avail 10 percent price reduction on purchasing of products.
  • Safegaurd: Life-time pension after retirement, healthcare, maternity or paternity, childcare and many more.


This is all information about the Oursainsburys employee portal. I hope everyone likes this article, any issues or queries are raising then you can comment on the comment box.