Peoplenet Fleet Manager Login @

Peoplenet Fleet Manager Login @ check here. Peoplenet fleet manager login to improve driver’s comfort and productivity. PFM is an online portal where employees, clients, or drivers can access all the necessary tools and information. It is a digital tool that provides clients real-time tracking data of their transport. We can view, manage and customize the performance more efficiently and economically.

Peoplenet fleet manager is a subsidiary system created by Peoplenet Trimble and a logistic company that offers you the facility for transporting your goods efficiently. Fleet mobility technology for North America’s land transportation industry, higher safety, cost reduction, compliance, and reaching the customer service.

Total 1,750 truckload uses its products, LTL, private, and energy service fleets in the USA and Canada. They are continuously releasing new products to increase their fleet management services. Here I am writing a few words describing the method of accessing the Peoplenet with the log credentials.

Peoplenet Fleet Manager Login @

Are you an active worker at Peoplenet? want to access all the services and features available to Fleet Manager clients. Let us discuss this in the following points.

  • Visit on preffered browser
  • Enter Company ID and Password in the blank spaces( Passcode should be alpha numerical and it’s a case sensitive).
Peoplenet fleet manager login allows to download information from one drive to another.
Peoplenet fleet manager login allows to download information from one drive to another.
  • Click on the blue coloured Sign in button.

Peoplenet Fleet Manager Login Prerequisites

  • Require an digital medium like laptop, tablet or PC.
  • Latest iOS should be installed.
  • Compatible browsers such as Safari, Microsoft Edge, or Google Chrome and remove all the cache and cookies.
  • Must to have the valid credentials.
  • Good internet facility with reliable speed, so that navigation to this application will not disturbed.

Drivers, clients, and other associates can watch the trucks, drivers, transportation, and all other services are accessible to various types of data, reports, and capabilities that are located in the application. Some of the advantages are below.

Peoplenet Fleet Manager Login Benefits

  • Real-time diagnosis will be done, navigator helps to track them by mapping those vehicles. Complete list of all the vehicles will be seen by the owners.
  • Sending the meassages and Emails to the vehicles. Effective communication is build between the management and workers. Drivers can exchange the information.
  • Notifications allow managers to better plan routes.
  • Through the mobile you can access the application and to check the data, location, guidance of each vehicle.
  • Driver’s management, we can verify the records like Identity, the last terminal driver visited, Name of the driver, duty status, time sheet and Vehicle number.
  • Workman can easily manage the assigned work schedules. Human Resource with one platform can manage their workforce.
  • Fuel efficiency parameters should be followed by the Drivers. It reduces the distance using the geospatial technology while navigating.
  • With the help of single interface, accurate data and the analysis reports of the production it’s easy to plan and schedule the available resources without wasting the time.
  • Back office observes hours driven, regular maintenance checkpoints, engine diagnostics, and see the total vehicle maintenance history. Up-to-date on the Company’s Policy and Procedures may avoid the penalties or fines.
  • The fleet manager helps you to manage all costs and get maximum profits.
  • Maintenance notifications allow managers to better plan routes, to schedule maintenance, and to schedule preventive maintenance


If you have any queries regarding Peoplenet Fleet Manager, please feel free to comment in the comment box. You can also reach customer service number: 866-914-5299 or mail to