Survey Questions : Why is the Importance ?

A Survey is a set of questions which is asked to the customers to know their valuable feedback in-return to improve their products and services. The Survey questions depends mainly focuses on satisfaction level of the customer while they shop at their stores. While every questions asked in the survey has multiple options to select and give the appropriate answer.

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On What Aspects Survey Questions Mainly Focus ?

  • Customer Satisfaction Level

Customer Satisfaction Level is measured by asking them the list of questions on types products they regularly shop, quality of products that customer expect, and price of the product to reach them. So by raising questions regarding these topics, many retailers try to know their needs meet customer expectations.

  • Most Selling Products

Every retail company wants to know the products which have most sale value. So retailer design some set of questions to their customers through surveys about their products which they shop often. So that they could understand the products which customer is really looking for.

  • Customer Retention

Customer retention refers to a retailing company to retain its customers over and over by providing value to the customer. Well the questionnaire helps the retailer to know the perks and cons.  So to gain higher customer retention rate, they strive to collect honest answers from the customers.

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