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UMKC myhr is an online employee portal, designed for the management staff of the University of Missouri Kansas City. Employees are also get benefitted from this search engine. They can check their shift schedule, employment advantages, request and manage to leave, pay stubs, Hours worked, Variable leaves, Payslips, Income tax, and a lot more.

Students who enrolled across the Columbia, Kansas City, Rolla, and St. Louis campuses can allow this application. Through this the student plans their classes, view statuses, download e-forms and certificates, contact the administrator, do real-time homework, tutorials, assessment, and much more.

This is Integrated with famous technology, much easier to navigate. Provide you a way to understand the industry using login details.

How to Login into UMKC Myhr

This online employee portal, designed for the management staff of the University of Missouri Kansas City. If you are associated with the Human Resource Management Dept and want to know the login credentials, I am going to explain below the step-by-step guide.

  • Visit on your preffered medium.
  • Enter Username on the given blank space(registered email linked is accepted).
UMKC myhr is an online employee portal is designed for the management staff of the University of Missouri Kansas City.
  • Click on the Blue coloured “Next”.
  • Tap on Sign in option.



  • Must be an associate attatched with this firm.
  • Unique mailing address which is in running and be merged with offshore.
  • Valid user-generated and passcode.
  • Need good iOS which could support browsers such as Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge.
  • Stable internet connection which can prevent disruptions while logging.
  • Electronic devices like PC, Laptop, Mobile, and tablet.

Recover Forgotten Password

We can help to reset password and security info. First, need to insert your Microsoft login details and follow the instructions.

  • Visit on web browser.
  • Now redirected to the Log page
  • Press “Can’t access your account” options.
  • Choose Work/School identification created by IT department.
  • Enroll your E-mail/Phone number/ Skype name on the required field.
  • Then hit the “Next” button.
  • Conformation statement will be mailed, press that and generate your PIN(It should be in alpha-numerical format and must input one special character).


Once you logged, you can find many features available. Let us discuss about this online employee portal..

  • Work-related Mail: You are able to verify the mail orders, alerts and see other procedures.
  • Paychecks: Review the monthly pay and figure-out the revised salaries.
  • Shift Schedules: By utilising the automated services your actions will become simpler and attend the classes without confusion. If you didn’t find any documents manually then and test them here.
  • Unscheduled leaves: If you are sick or need any emergency off, then apply here. Apply the week-off electronically itself there is no need to approach your superior to submit the e-form. The system can check the eligibility and sends an alert.
  • Upcoming admissions and notifications: One can aware of the updates on the running task and if there are any changes in tasks assigned immediate notification will be send. Every piece of info regarding the undergoing project, administration will send a notice.
  • Personal Information: The data can be viewed and edited by the work-force.


I hope you like the article written. Having any issues related please don’t hesitate to drop a comment in the comment box or call technical support at 816-235-1621 or

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